Student Blogging Challenge Week 3

Lawndale is a very nice place to live, and visit. I am actually happy that I got the opportunity to live here. Lawndale has a lot of great things, like it has really great middle schools, like Jane Addams, high schools, like Lawndale High and elementary schools, like Mark Twain. Lawndale has a very nice library and great yummy places to eat at, like Pollo Inka, McDonalds. Or if you just want a like treat there’s Baskin 31 Flavors, or Cold Stone.  Also Lawndale has very nice neighborhoods, and huge parks. Like for example there is Alondra Park, or Jane Addams Park. I enjoy Lawndale, and I hope that one day you guys can come and visit us. Its not only Lawndale, there’s other places you could visit here in California. But there is just one thing that isn’t the worst but it’s not the best. There just isn’t a mall, here in Lawndale. But there is one near by, it’s in Redondo Beach. It’s called the Galleria Mall, and it is huge. I love going there, it has so many stores. Its awesome.

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  1. Chikita,
    Great post about your place. Remember to add links though so your readers can visit other websites about the same topic eg Mark Twain, Redondo Beach, Baskins 31 Flavors.

  2. Nice. hi yeah i am eliana I had just seen your comment thanks. Ummmm I have done a bunch of parts on the soccer filed but the most I ahve done golly.The best thing I have cooked is some cupcakes and cake,wellit is actionly bakeing so yeah. Just one little side comment you should and some wigets to your blog. You can viset my blog at http://blogs.egusd.net/eliana/ (but I dont think it is a link sorry.) =0 =) =( lol

  3. Marshall, my students were assigned to write a paragraph about Lawndale, so I would say Ana was exactly on topic. If you want to read other things she has written, just click on the title of the blog and you can see her different kinds of writing.

    Next time, please think about how your comment will sound to the person you are writing to. I think it sounds a little mean and disrespectful. I would hope that none of my students write comments like that to you or your classmates.

    Miss Nichols

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