Should 10-12 year olds have phones w/text???

Persuasive Essay. :

Do you think that kids from ages 10-12, be allowed to have phones?? For example in the news a while ago it talked about, how more kids are going into the hospitals, because their necks hurt a lot. The people believe that it’s because of the way they look down when they text people on their phones. Personally i don’t think that kids at that age should be able to have phones. I had a phone at the age of 11, my first one. But I had made some bad mistakes, and I didn’t always pay attention in class when I knew that there was a phone in my pocket. There was a catch though, I was not allowed to text at all. I could only call people and that’s it. So it was different for me.

I believe that 10-12 year old shouldn’t text or have phones, but they could if there was certain rules. Kids at that age could be sex-ting. Now I know what you are thinking, that 10-12 year old’s are too young to do that, or even think of doing or asking to do it. But we live on an earth where nothing is good. So there is still a big possibility that someone right now is either asking someone to send them a picture, or thy are sending one to someone right now. I think that in that case of someone sex-ting, it’s not right. I know that if someone sends a picture to either their boyfriend or girlfriend, and they break up, the person with the picture will send that picture to everyone that he/she knows, then that’s when the worst part begins. The person who is in the picture posing for their boyfriend/girlfriend, will be called so many, many rude and mean names (skank, slut, hore, etc., etc., etc.). That person will feel really, really bad and what if they can’t take it anymore? They could get themselves into some bigger trouble in the future. Nobody wants that, for their daughter/son.

Another reason why I believe kids should not be having phones with text is because kids could be getting very distracted at school, or while they are doing school work. An example of this is what if one day some kid (from ages 10-12) brings a phone to school? For all the teachers know the kid who brought the phone could be texting someone, on the inernet, or playing a game in the phone, the teacher would be talking about like science or something, and the student wouldn’t listen. What if that same kid came to science class the next day and there was a pop quiz on what they learned the day before? We all know that the student that brought the phone won’t pass because the student as not paying attention the day before, because the student was playing with his phone.

Finally my last reason why I believe that kids form ages 10-12 year old’s should not have phones with text. Is because, what if they are cyber-bullying someone?, or your child is getting bullied through text? cyber-bullying consists of gossiping, spreading rumors, or just texting someone rude, unkind, mean things. Somebody could be getting hurt, for that one kids action of cyber-bullying. I know some children could still be very innocent, and naive at that age, but not all children are. There are some kids that really, really dislike someone, and they could be sending texts to that kid that they really don’t like, kids could be sending racist texts, or ones o how many people hate that one person, or other unkind things. I have seen and heard things on the news that some kids do get bullied, and they reach a point when they can’t take it anymore they could end up committing suicide, or making really bad choices that will harm their future in some way, that isn’t good.

In conclusion, I believe that 10-12 year old kids shouldn’t have cell phones with text, unless they have rules or restrictions from a parents or guardian. I think that is the best way because one stupid mistake that they make, like ones I have been talking about could lead to something bigger and/or worse!! I encourage parents to check their child’s phone often, but don’t tell them you will, because they will erase something or hide something bad, that they don’t want you to see. Or another way to check your child’s phone is to go to the phone company, and there you can see everything, and anything about what your child has been texting, what texts he/she has recieved, who your child has called, and who called your child.  Also I encourage you, the parents, to ive your child some rules to follow. I would do that if I had a child of my own.

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Questions and Answers.! c[=

This blog post is meant for a challenge I am supposed to answer a few questions that they had. So hear are my answers in Blue, and the questions in purple. :

* How many posts did you write?

– I have 8 posts.

* How many were school based or your own interests?

– 5 posts were school based. And 3 posts were my own interest.

* How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?

–  received 21 comments from different people.

* Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?

My post of Technology in 2025 received the most posts. I think that happened because I put more effort into it.

* Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

– The post I enjoyed writing the most is the Spring Break, because it talked about all the things that I was planning on doing.

* Did you change blog themes at all and why?

No. Because I didn’t have to.

* How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?

– I have 7 widgets. I think that I have enough widgets, because it helps my viewers to understand my blog more and because it’s cool.

* What were your first impressions of this blog?

– My first impressions of Ana’s blog is that it is very neat and creative. I think her blog is just as wonderful as mine. Much more organized and colorful.


* What captured your attention?

-I think what captured my attention in Ana’s blog was not just the widgets, but the writing too. It was impressive and sounded like a professional.


* What distracted you on the blog?

Everything on Ana’s blog popped out so everything that caught my eye was distracted by another item because it was fascinating. Though the HUGE dates next to Ana’s title really distracted me. Can you make it smaller?


  • What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

–   Suggestions that I have for Ana are one to try and figure out how to make the dates next to her titles smaller and maybe add some pictures for some of her writings. But the rest is really good and I want to wish Ana to keep it up! (:


Student Blogging Challenge #10

Nomine #2 (class blog)

For the student blogging challenge, we had to also nominate a class blog, and for the class blog that I like the most is………………..

……..Miss Nichols’ Class Blog!!! I really enjoy all the things that Miss Nichols puts in the blog, because they are all so interesting. Keep up the good work! Good Luck to all the class blogs! 🙂

My Nomonie #1 (individual blogs)

For the end of the student blogging challenge we have to nominate other blogs. For my nomination for the individual blog I choose: yummywatermelon!! I like her blog, because of the posts she has (favorite: her book, How to Survive Being Blonde. ) and all the widgets she has on the sides. Good Luck to everyone that’s an individual bloggers.

Where I Come From (poem) =]

I come from….

movies at night, pictures, t.v., and music from the radio.

Hearing “someone’s gonna get hurt!” every second of the day!

Parents teaching me abut the Lion and the Lamb..

From messing with Emely, to going crazy with Ale

Eating Carne Asada for dinner,

And salsa with chips at one in the morning.!

Going to Grandma’s house during the summer, and..

expecting to be soaked by my uncle,

and being put ice down my back just for a remote!

Remembering cutting roses from the Garden

To breaking my Leg trying to wash German Shepards.

I come from making movies for fun, to

Singing and dancing in the patio

I come from soccer fanatics, and

Partying on the weekend

They come from the branches of Lucy and Felipe, and Blanca

But I come from the branches, of Ana and Jorge! =]

Spring Break!!!!! (finally) =]

Spring Break is finally here! I am very excited for what I have planned. I have been longing for this week. What I have planned for this upcoming break is on April 5th-8th I will be going to a Goalie Training Camp!! It’s so cool, because I like being Goalie, and my Uncle is actually going to be the Goalie Trainer, so I will be training with my Uncle! My Uncle’s name is Joe Velasco.The camp is from April 5th-8th and it’s from 9am to 12pm. I know it’s 3 hours straight of me throwing myself on the floor over and over again. Call me crazy but that is what I like to do. So that is how I will be spending most of Spring Break! I can’t wait.  Also…what I want to do during Spring Break while I am not at the camp, I would love to go to Knotts Berry Farm! I have only been there once in my whole entire life, and I would love to go a second time!

Earth Hour

Our challenge for Week #4 is to write a paragraph about the environment, and i chose to write about Earth Hour that is going to happen March 27th at 8:30. So I’m going to tell you about what my family and I am planning to do during Earth hour. Well we are not really going to do all of this, these are just ideas of what we could do, we still haven’t decided which one we are going to do. Here are some ideas:

  • Go walking at the beach
  • Go around the neighborhood, picking up trash
  • My mom wants to plant a tree
  • Have all the lights off
  • We can’t use our Ipods, phones, computers, T.V, etc.

Yup, that is all I have so far. You guys can comment and give me more ideas. 🙂


Student Blogging Challenge Week 3

Lawndale is a very nice place to live, and visit. I am actually happy that I got the opportunity to live here. Lawndale has a lot of great things, like it has really great middle schools, like Jane Addams, high schools, like Lawndale High and elementary schools, like Mark Twain. Lawndale has a very nice library and great yummy places to eat at, like Pollo Inka, McDonalds. Or if you just want a like treat there’s Baskin 31 Flavors, or Cold Stone.  Also Lawndale has very nice neighborhoods, and huge parks. Like for example there is Alondra Park, or Jane Addams Park. I enjoy Lawndale, and I hope that one day you guys can come and visit us. Its not only Lawndale, there’s other places you could visit here in California. But there is just one thing that isn’t the worst but it’s not the best. There just isn’t a mall, here in Lawndale. But there is one near by, it’s in Redondo Beach. It’s called the Galleria Mall, and it is huge. I love going there, it has so many stores. Its awesome.